“Worth the stop, despite being "touristy"

”So, we debated on whether or not to make this stop based on the TA reviews...some positive, some negative. In the end, we decided to go because it seemed like we should - we were there, why not go to the place everyone has heard of? And truly, we are glad we did. It was fun, casual and yes, "touristy", but it was a nice break from the "fancy" restaurants and hotels. We enjoyed the food and definitely enjoyed the casual ambiance and American tunes playing in the background. It's still pricey, but a bit of a break from Bora Bora prices. It boils down to this - if you want 5 star all the time, Bloody Mary's is probably not the place for you, but if you appreciate casual and fun in the midst of your 5 star stops, Bloody Mary's is worth your time.

TripAdvisor.com Review
Mar 14, 2011
Belleville, Illinois