One of the Great Experiences on our Trip to Bora Bora

We went to Bloody Mary's on our honeymoon and had a wonderful experience. We ending up having dinner with 2 other couples we met while on our trip, which certainly made the experience more enjoyable. Our food was excellent and the service was also very good, especially for Bora Bora. Our group hung out by the bar for some time, even after we had ordered food, yet the staff made sure that our food wasn't prepared too soon and that we were never rushed. The timing of all our food and when it came to the table, from appetizers to entrees to dessert, was impeccable, and the food was piping hot and fresh. The hotel, of course, picked us up from our resort. The tab for the 2 of us was about $260 dollars, though that included a lot of alcohol. We would definitely go back here as the atmosphere was great and very relaxed. Its a bit touristy (I even bought a shirt) and its not the most authentic French Polynesian experience, but have fun with it and you will probably have a good experience.

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Vienna, Virginia
Jan 11, 2010