Fun place, good food, good value for the island

My wife and I ate here twice during our stay in Bora Bora. It had a good reputation and the hotel staff recommended it as well. It's probably the most "American" of all the restaruants on the island with the layout of the place and what's on the menu. It's the biggest restaurant on the island by far so getting a table is not an issue like at some of the smaller places. One nice thing is that they have their transportation from your hotel to the restraunt set up very efficiently so you won't be waiting at your hotel wondering if your taxi is going to come or not. The restaurant has a nice set up where you are presented with what is available that day right from the get go and you select your appetizers and entrees before you are seated. Makes things very efficient and gets you a good description of each dish. Everything is prepared the same way, grilled, which is fine with the fresh fish they are serving. The quality of the food was good and the service is good as well. For the money by Bora Bora standards everything was very reasonable. Our total for two meals and a drink each was 7800 cfp which is about half of what it cost to eat at our hotel.

TripAdvisor Review
Nov 10, 2009