Fun atmosphere and delicious food

Our hotel concierge made reservations for us early in the week. We were taken via shuttle from our hotel to Bloody Marys at 6pm. When we arrived, it was pretty slow, but we liked having the place somewhat to ourselves. Instead of ordering straight from a menu, before beating seated, we perused a selection of raw meat displayed on a bed of ice. There were five different types of fish, chicken breasts, and steaks. I chose to have a bit of Wahoo and a bit of Swordfish while my hubby had a steak. Both of our meals were served with sides, so we had plenty of delicious food to eat. After dining barefoot on the white sand at our table, we looked at some of the Hollywood souvenirs. There are some photos of famous people, as well as a list of famous people who have been to the restaurant.
Cuisine Seafood, Steaks

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Corona, CA
Mar 9, 2010