"We went to Bloody Mary's on our honeymoon and enjoyed the food and the experience. When you enter the restaurant you order right away after the host directs you to a display with fresh meats and seafood. There are plenty of delicious options to choose from. We chose the beef shish kebob appetizer and it was delicious. I opted for New York strip steak, and it was excellent and a good size. There were also lots of small side dishes on the plate accompanying the steak, such a 1/4 of a corn on the cob, potatoes, and other stuff I don't remember. My wife had the surf and turf - steak and spiny lobster, which was caught locally. She had never had spiney lobster before and thought it was good, though not as buttery as regular lobster."

"As for atmosphere, the restaurant feels like a giant thatch-roofed hut with a sand floor throughout, which is just fine for a restaurant in a tropical paradise."

TripAdvisor review
Chicago, Illinois
Oct 29, 2009