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"Best Restaurant in Bora Bora"

"Food was super fresh. You will relax (like all of Bora Bora) and gave a great experience."

"Iconic Restaurant...Surpassed All of the Hype!"

"I do not understand what people expect when going to a tourist trap, iconic restaurant which has been around for over 30 years but we knew what we were getting into and it surpassed our expectations 10 fold."

"Fantastic Bar"

"Very famous bar on Bora Bora. They have a big sign outside stating who all the famous visitors are. The toilets are fab, with a couple of cheeky things in each (please excuse the pun)."


“My favorite restaurant on the planet.”

"Powder white sand floor, friendly staff, great scenery; a true paradise experience.

This was my third visit to Bora Bora and Bloody Marys.


“Well worth a visit in Bora Bora”

"If you are looking for a five-star gourmet restaurant with linens and crystal...this isn't it; stay in New York or wherever.

But!! This little piece of Polynesia has great Bloody Mary's, comfortable sand floors, tropical motif, and a very friendly staff.


“Lighten Up and Have Some Fun”

"It's not for the high brow crowd, but was a refreshing stop for homesick tourists. We went near the end of our trip and fell in love with Bloody Mary's. The decor and ambiance is casual and fun. Check your shoes or sandals at the door and stroll the sand floor in your bare feet. The food and drinks were great and reasonably priced.


"Worth the stop, despite being "touristy"

"...We enjoyed the food and definitely enjoyed the casual ambiance and American tunes playing in the background...."

"...Bloody Mary's is worth your time."

"Don't Miss Bloody Mary's"

"We really enjoyed Bloody Mary's. Food was very good. Decor was really cute, very Polynesian with sand floors, tikis & palm tree fronds...."

"...This is the "must go to" restaurant on Bora Bora. Don't miss it!!"

"Excellent, fresh seafood choices - great atmosphere"

"...the food was great and we enjoyed the beachy, relaxed atmosphere. Some unique local seafood choices that made for a great local taste, and all well prepared...."

"...All in all, a good experience, we'd do it again for sure."


"We went to Bloody Mary's on our honeymoon and enjoyed the food and the experience. When you enter the restaurant you order right away after the host directs you to a display with fresh meats and seafood. There are plenty of delicious options to choose from..."

"As for atmosphere, the restaurant feels like a giant thatch-roofed hut with a sand floor throughout, which is just fine for a restaurant in a tropical paradise."

“You must eat here once if you are in Bora Bora for your honeymoon”

"... The floor is made up of white sand. When you walk in, to your left is the display of fresh fish that you will end up selecting for your meal. The atmosphere is fun but nothing crazy."

"Overall, it will be a satisfying experience and if someone asks you if you have ever been to the famous Bloody Mary's on Bora Bora, you can say yes!"

Well worth a visit

"This restaurant is a must in Bora Bora, really a place for celebs. When you walk in you can see pictures and names of all the famous Hollywood A-listers who have visited."

"... This was quite a cool way of doing things as they tell you everything about the local fish and you can see it before it is cooked - I liked it!"

"... We really enjoyed the experience and the food speaks for itself. Well worth a visit."

Great place to eat while on Bora Bora

"We went for lunch while biking the island. Great selection - even have a tofu burger (only one we saw in 2 weeks - I'm a veggie and was thrilled!). Fries were done perfectly, big fries crisp on outside, soft on the inside. Be sure to check out the bathrooms. "

Definitely Try....

"We went to eat there once and presentation of options and the atmosphere was great. We wanted to another night but they are closed on Sundays. You won't fail, go eat there..."

Local Polynesian seafood cooked to perfection with quick dinner service.

"... I have to say that this place completely delivers -- local seafood grilled/prepared perfectly..."

"...The tuna was absolutely phenomenal -- very flavorful and delicately seared. It's a case of a simply amazing piece of fish and the chef did well by not screwing it up."

"Service is pretty quick by polynesian standards and the prices are not too bad."

A fun night!

"We went here during our honeymoon in June 2010 and it was a lot of fun. The food was great, but the drinks & atmosphere are the bigger winners. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to have a fun night while traveling in Bora Bora!"

Great atmosphere - enjoyed the experience

"...The atmosphere when we arrived was buzzing, quite buzy and had an amazing relaxed yet exciting ambience. We decided to return the next day for lunch..."

"...The ladies loos were really special with an amazing 'waterfall feature' for a sink. Definately enjoyed the experience and would certainly go again..."

fun restaurant in Bora Bora

"... I can recommend the vanilla rum punch. Good atmosphere, friendly staff, dinner and dessert both great. I'd go again."


"This restaurant was great. Great food and great atmosphere. Not just because its famous, the food really was good. I had the Mahi Mahi and it was one of the best Ive had..."

"...The "menu" is on ice right as you walk in. The manager will give you a review of what is fresh today and you get to order right then and there. Unique experience."

Margaritaville Meets Fine Dining (a big thumbs up)

"This was actually my favorite restaurant in Bora-Bora..."

"My first recommendation, should you drink, is to hit BM's famous bar. It is the best on the island..."

"... The selection is amazing. Honestly, just looking at all that delicious fresh meat gave me happy dreams till this day. It is very impressive. "

"...Our food--a variety of fresh fish, lobster, and meat--was cooked perfectly. Just amazing."

"Overall, phenomenal food, great drinks, and an embracing atmosphere. Enjoy!"

You have to go!

"... Inside the restaurant is like you are on a beach, there is sand inside. Use slippers! A family own the restaurant, they do everything together. The food is great! I love everything!"

Fun atmosphere and delicious food

"...There were five different types of fish, chicken breasts, and steaks. I chose to have a bit of Wahoo and a bit of Swordfish while my hubby had a steak. Both of our meals were served with sides, so we had plenty of delicious food to eat...
... There are some photos of famous people, as well as a list of famous people who have been to the restaurant."

Lots of fun - definitely worth a trip for a fun night & great food

"...great food and great fun! It's a totally laid back, island atmosphere. You get to pick your meal from an array of fresh meat and seafood options. Just terrific all around. Definitely a must-eat location when you're in Bora Bora."

One of the Great Experiences on our Trip to Bora Bora

"We went to Bloody Mary's on our honeymoon and had a wonderful experience... ...Our food was excellent and the service was also very good, especially for Bora Bora...
... The timing of all our food and when it came to the table, from appetizers to entrees to dessert, was impeccable, and the food was piping hot and fresh..."

Fun place, good food, good value for the island

"My wife and I ate here twice during our stay in Bora Bora. It had a good reputation and the hotel staff recommended it as well...
... One nice thing is that they have their transportation from your hotel to the restraunt set up very efficiently...
... The quality of the food was good and the service is good as well. For the money by Bora Bora standards everything was very reasonable..."

Great Fun

"...Everyone enjoyed their food and I especially wolfed down the lobster. Considering the location, the cost of importing the non fish food and the amount of cocktails and wine we drink, we were pleasantly surprised by the bill. If we ever get back, it will be our first port of call..."