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By Jan Prince ''from the Tahiti Beach Press''

The theme for Bloody Mary’s anniversary celebrations during the month of November was “30 Days for 30 Years”. This famous restaurant and bar in Bora Bora is known throughout the world as a “must visit” place for having good food, great drinks and a fun time. Throughout the celebratory events of November the Bloody Mary team truly outdid themselves in upholding their well-earned reputation.

Special theme evenings were programmed for several occasions, featuring the products of Bloody Mary’s suppliers, such as complimentary champagne, wine and beer. On each of the four Saturdays during November there were events planned that generated funds, which were then used to purchase Christmas presents for the handicapped and underprivileged children of Bora Bora.

These included a car wash at Bloody Mary’s, bicycle races, a bartenders’ race while carrying drinks on a tray, and a petanque (bocce ball) competition with more than 100 participants.

A marlin-fishing tournament in association with the Bora Bora Fishing Club attracted some 45 boats, and the winner received a free roundtrip ticket on
Air Tahiti Nui to fly to Los Angeles. The victors of the other competitions held
a drawing to determine who would win a second ticket to Los Angeles on board Air Tahiti Nui, and the biking team held the lucky number.

One Saturday afternoon was devoted to the 40+ children and grandchildren of the Bloody Mary’s staff. For this occasion, the interior of the restaurant was decorated with balloons. Hotdogs, fruit juice, snow cones and specially printed T-shirts were distributed to the contented kids of all ages.

Surely the most popular event of Bloody Mary’s activities was the Country-Western night held on Friday, November 20. The big restaurant was filled to its maximum capacity of 150 and the revelers were mostly Polynesian residents of Bora Bora. Entire families came dressed in their cowboy or cowgirl outfits, or at least wearing a western type hat and jeans.

Rather than their usual abundant display of fresh fish, lobster and other seafood,
on this special evening the Bloody Mary’s food choices included only two fish selections. The main attractions were the fat Toulouse sausages, big slabs of spareribs, three kinds of steaks, barbecued chicken, and beef shish kabobs.

The Bora Borans slurped cold Bud, compliments of the supplier in Tahiti, and they danced the Texas two-step to the Country & Western tunes, which also included some good ole “crying in your beer music”. Later in the evening, when the DJ began to play a Tahitian song, the Polynesians protested, claiming more Country music.

Radio Bora Bora was on the spot to report the evening’s events to the island’s listeners, and Tahiti Beach Press was also there, along with all the other local press representatives, to enjoy and record this most unusual happening
at Bloody Mary’s.

NB: The November 2009 issue of Tahiti Beach Press included an in-depth story by Homer Morgan of the history of the Bloody Mary’s Restaurant & Bar, as well as the 10-bungalow hotel that once existed on the lagoon side of the property. For our readers who missed that interesting and very detailed article, here is a synopsis of the Bloody Mary’s story and the principal players.